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Drill Guide

Drill Guide
Drill straight holes through your wood posts with a steel Drill Guide. Use the Drill Guide to drill your pilot holes. Subsequent drills will follow pilot holes. Clamp the guide to post and drill. It is best to drill one side, then the other. When ordering, allow space for clamps. A 6” overalllength drill is included that can also be used to drill your cable through holes. 

Drill Guide Order Form .pdf

Cable Support

Cable Support
1/4” x 1” flat bar cable supports are used to prevent the cable from biting into the wood post where the cable enters or exits a wooden post at an angle, when the cables are tensioned. Available in mill finish carbon steel or #4 finish stainless steel. 

Cable Support Order Form .pdf

Stainless Steel Post Protector Tube

Stainless Steel Post Protector Tubestainless steel post protector tube image
The corner tube is inserted into a wood post where the cable enters/exits the post at an angle to keep the cable from biting into the wood. 

When ordering, order CS – Tube

Hanger Bolt Driver

Hanger Bolt Driver

Use to install Adjust-A-Body® with Hanger Bolt tensioners. Makes driving hanger bolts fast and easy. 

For 1/8” and 3/16” dia. cable

Cable Brace

Cable Brace
1/4” x 1” cable braces are used to support the cables between end or intermediate posts to keep the cable from flexing excessively when a load is applied. Cable braces are attached to the top rail and to the lower mounting surface, which can be a bottom rail or the deck. Available in mill finish carbon steel or #4 finish stainless steel. 

Cable Brace Order Form .pdf

Cable Brace Floor Plates

For mounting cable braces to top or bottom rail or deck.

Order Part NumberMaterialDimensions
FLP-CBMill Finish Carbon Steel2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 1/4″
FLP-CBS#4 Finish Stainless Steel


Used to cut cable flush with the end of Pull-Lock™ fittings, and to cut excess threads off stud-type tensioners. Includes mandrel and two cut-off wheels. 

When Ordering, Order CUT-OFF KIT

Cable Release Key

Releases cable from Push-Lock™ and Pull-Lock™ type fittings before cables are tensioned. 

When Ordering, Order PL-KEY Cable Release

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