Hardware & Cable

Cable Railing Hardware and Cable

Swageless fittings – require no swaging

Push-Lock™ Stop End Fitting.pdf
Use on non-tensioning (stop) end.
Receiver with Push-Lock™ Stud .pdf
Tensions with Allen wrench.

Pull-Lock™ Stop End Fitting .pdf
Device that requires no exact measuring.

Push-Lock™ Turnbuckle .pdf
Perfect for stairs or steep pitch.

Tensioning devices – require swaging

Invisiware® Receiver .pdf
Tensioner can be concealed inside metal or wood post.

Adjust-a-Body® with Threaded Bolt Tensioner .pdf
Screws into drilled/tapped hole in metal post.

Adjust-a-Jaw® Tensioner .pdf
Use on straight run or stairs.

Non-tensioning (stop-end) fittings

Invisiware® Radius Ferrule .pdf
Can be concealed inside metal or wood post.

Ultra-tec® Fixed Jaw .pdf
Use on straight runs and stairs

Ultra-tec® Clip-on-Stop .pdf
Can be concealed inside metal or wood post.

Mounting aids and cable

Contractors & Fabricators

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