Data on cable flex

Chart for Section B – Wire Rope Cable Intermediate Rail Pass-through Resistance to 4″ Sphere.

This chart was prepared by The Cable Connection to summarize the calculations in Section B
(Pass-through resistance to 4″ sphere) based on 400 pounds of tension on each cable.

Chart of cable spacing

Cable DiameterCenter to Center Cable Spacing on End PostAnchor (End Post) SpacingCable Support SpacingCable Spread with 4″ Sphere Load Applied as Required by 2006 IRC Codes
1/8″3.10″50 feet42″3.474″
3/16″3.10″50 feet42″3.439″
3/16″3.25″50 feet42″3.699″
1/4″3.10″50 feet42″3.405″
1/4″3.36″50 feet42″3.880″
5/16″3.10″50 feet42″3.368″
5/16″3.25″50 feet42″3.567″
5/16″3.36″50 feet42″3.735″
3/8″3.10″50 feet42″3.328″
3/8″3.25″50 feet42″3.513″
3/8″3.36″50 feet42″3.659″

Engineering Calculations

Files in (pdf)Description
Section ADerivation of equations for code requirements intermediate railing sphere pass-through resistance
Section BCalculations for various code diameters for pass-through resistance for 4″ sphere
Section CDerivation of equations for code required load
Section DCable end reaction under code required loading for various cable diameters

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