Ultra-tec Cable Railing Video Transcript:

Since it's introduction over a decade ago, Ultra-tec has set the standard for cable railing systems. For the next few minutes, we'll show you the variety of railing styles you can design using attractive, stainless steel cable as in-fill, instead of pickets, mesh, glass, or other material.

(0:25) But why cable? Well, it's primary advantage is you see right through it. It's strong, yet almost invisible. The cable doesn't interfere with a view or give you a confined feeling. It can be used to evoke a high-tech design, and its applications are virtually limitless. Attractive, strong, and there's no visual obstructions to interfere with the action on the field or the stage, or, to block the view. Cable railings can be made in wood frames, as well as metal.

(0:56) Indoors too! They are attractive, strong, and virtually maintenance-free. There's no glass to clean, no thick bars or pickets to keep clean. Cable railings are versatile. They can be run vertically or horizontally. You have lots of design flexibility with cable railings.

(1:15) And choices! Ultra-tec has designed and engineered several styles of cable railings to comply with IRC and IBC building codes. We can provide engineering data for pre-designed railing styles, or for you to use in designing your own railing frame to make your project unique. We'll help with basic design criteria, and leave the creativity to you.

(1:40) Now let's see why Ultra-tec really sets the standard for cable railing systems. It's the fittings! Our unique cable mounting and tensioning hardware is what really sets Ultra-tec products apart from the others. Beautiful, sleek stainless steel designed for railings - not adapted from marine or industrial hardware. No rough edges or unattractive turnbuckles. No bulky clamps. No frayed or exposed cable ends. Just beautiful, stainless steel fittings.

(2:10) Now, with exclusive Ultra-tec hidden hardware, you can choose fittings to connect the cable to railing that are concealed entirely inside the end post. You see nothing but cable. The Ultra-tec Invisiware Receiver, right here, is a cable-tensioning device that's hidden entirely inside the post. All you see is the little end on the back side of the post. It's tensioned with a hex wrench - no special tools required. And, it works on stairs without having to drill holes through the post at an angle. Your installer will love that!

(2:48) It's inexpensive compared to old-fashioned turnbuckles. It uses no nuts or exposed cable. No exposed studs or clamps that you find with many marine and industrial fittings. There's even a hardware choice that lets your installer attach the cable in the field by hand. Economical, easy to install, low maintenance pull-lock and push-lock fittings are made from 1/8" diameter cable. Perfect for decks and residential railings.

(3:17) Two hidden hardware styles are concealed inside the posts. There's even one you mount to the outside of the post for straight runs or stairs. For applications that require mounting your hardware on the outside of the post, you have a choice of sleek, stainless steel fittings, like the Adjust-A-Jaw tensioning device. It mounts to the outside of your post and is tensioned with an open-end wrench. A lokmat prevents the cable from losing tension and also makes it extremely tamper-resistant.

(3:48) There are other styles of fittings that mount to the outside of the end post - all sleek, stainless steel. There are fittings that mount directly into threaded holes - perfect for corner posts. Fittings that can be attached to concrete anchors. Others, that have hanger bolt-ins for mounting to wood posts. They are all adjusted and tensioned with an open-end wretch, so no special tools are required. Lock-nuts prevent the cable from losing tension and also make the fittings extremely tamper-resistant.

(4:24) All Ultra-tec hardware is stainless steel. Stainless steel cable and our stainless steel hardware are made of recycled materials so they can help you qualify your project for LEED credits. Experienced, knowledgable customer service representatives are ready to help you with your cable railing project.